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I use this product everywhere!!! I am trying to reduce the chemicals (sulfates, parabens, etc) I use on my body, and I feel confident about using this natural and chemical-free product. --It significantly reduced the bumps on my upper arms (Keratosis Pilaris). I have had them all my life and nothing I tried seemed to help....until I used emu oil on them. The bumps are virtually gone, and I do not feel self-conscious about people touching my arms any more!! --It keeps my feet from drying out. I put it on every night. --I use it on my face with my am and pm regimen. --I feel safe using it on my baby's skin. It got rid of his newborn acne and his flaky scalp.

My skin is very sensitive, but I have had not a single problem with this product. The benefits are amazing. Within an hour of putting it on a sore on my arm that I have had for weeks-it was almost non-existent. Cleared my daughters eczema breakout overnight. Put it on a burn from a 450 degree oven and 2 days later you would never know I had burnt my thumb. The uses for this product is endless. Will continue to order this item for years to come.

I have been using the Emu Oil for a while now. Everyone keeps telling me how youthful I look. I am 60. It seems to make my complexion soft and magically fills the lines so that my complexion looks flawless, even with make up on.

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this stuff my skin looks and feels silky soft and glowing, even my husband of 35 years noticed! Thank you for the sample its a definate must have in my routine.

I love to use this on my sore feet after a long day. My husband rubs it into my feet for about 10 minutes and I am a new woman! Love it for my slight arthritis in my wrist as well.

I use this on my daughter when she wakes up in the middle of the night with growing pains. I massage it in and after 5 minutes or so she is able to drift off to sleep again.

I was dealing with hair loss on an area. I researched online and found that a Boston University study used pure emu oil on people to regrow their hair. It works as long as your follicles aren't dead. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I have hair growing again!!! I am SO happy! *I put some on every night and then shampoo'd out in the morning.

I reached into my oven to get out dinner and bam! Burned my arm. I grabbed my emu oil and put a pump on the red area. I swear to the man above, the pain was gone! It was instant. I will always keep a bottle of this around for any other emergencies.