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Natural Organic Skin Care Ingredient Revealed That’s Been Used To Control Pain, Fight Acne, Stimulate Hair Growth, The List Goes On….

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Today I want to talk about this natural organic skin care ingredient that comes from the emu bird (the second largest living bird in the world - and actually the largest living bird in Australia).

During the emu bird’s processing is when this special oil i’m talking about is created - emu oil. Have you guys ever heard of it before? And did you know that this oil has numerous health benefits ranging from controlling pain to clearing acne?

Maybe you are familiar with some of the benefits that emu oil provides or maybe you're wondering, “What the heck is this emu oil you're talking about?” You can either keep on reading this post or watch the video below (both cover essentially the same points) to get all the need to know information.

For many thousands of years, the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aboriginal people, have used emu's to aid them. The emus provided them not only with food and clothing, but they used the oil created during the bird's processing, (hence why we call it - emu oil) as a pain reliever, skin moisturizer, anti inflammatory, the list goes on.

During my thorough research of EMU oil, I came across countless other medical and health benefits, but it wasn’t until I personally used emu oil that I believed all these benefits to be true. And oh my, was I super surprised! When I began using emu oil for my skin - it only took a few uses to be able to tell what a difference it made, my skin instantly felt softer, rejuvenated, and even my acne began to clear up.

I use emu oil daily and seriously think it's one of the best organic skin care products, it’s my “go to” product in so many different ways, I literally find new uses for it each day and I enjoy showing others what it can be used for so that they can experience all the benefits that I experience from using this all natural skin care ingredient. So what makes this oil so “magical”?

And how does it help the skin? Well, emu oil is so effective in creating and maintaining healthy skin BECAUSE of its unique ability to penetrate deep into your skin tissue AND deliver bio-nutrients which work to enhance the generation of new skin cells - making your skin thicker & stronger.

Thicker, stronger skin can support both your blood and lymphatic systems to more effectively take in oxygen and nutrients, AND at the same time drain away all those unwanted toxins and waste, making it an ideal skin care product to cleanse daily, help reduce those unwanted fine lines from aging, reduce puffy eye circles and even help keep your skin free from big unwanted zits and blemishes.

EMU oil’s special ability to penetrate deep into the skin helps to stop bacteria and reduce inflammation to fight acne and blemishes. Also, the high levels of omegas make it an excellent, gentle, nourishing moisturizer. As we all know, science doesn’t lie and there’s been various studies conducted of which prove the beneficial properties of emu oil.

A study involving elderly women showed that in just one month time frame from using emu oil every single day, the wall of the skin was thickened by a whopping 14%! Age spots also faded and some even completely disappeared!

In a two week study with 12 arthritis sufferers, 58% reported significant pain reduction. Yet another study from Boston University School of Medicine concludes some groundbreaking news that EMU oil can even help hair regrowth! Emu oil awakened 80% of hair follicles that had been asleep, which resulted in the hair follicles to start growing again!

EMU oil has a huge future ahead of it - a highly prized ingredient and a virtually undiscovered secret of our modern world. Because of all the miraculous ways it's helped my own skin, we built an entire organic skin care line that consist of this prized ingredient plus all natural handpicked flowers and herbs that are infused into our oils and butters to instill an unexpected freshness not found anywhere else. Essential oils and natural blossoms are artfully formulated into highly active products that will allow you to live naturally and allow your skin, hair and body to feel their best.

Whether you suffer from acne, age spots, wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, joint pain, hair loss, want to improve the general appearance of your skin and much more, you’ve got to experience the benefits from using all natural ingredients for skin for yourself, explore our large selection of products by using this link.

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You are going to love this organic skin care brand. Cheers to beautiful healthy skin!