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Looking For A Natural Hair Growth Product? Try Emu Oil for Hair Growth!

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EMU oil is one of the best all natural hair regrowth products available - I kid you not. The natural oil created during the EMU bird’s processing has the ability to stop hair loss and even stimulate hair growth in just one month!

I personally use emu oil almost every day - my hair has never felt so soft, it’s been my “hair saver” in more ways than one. I really want you to understand how this ALL natural hair growth product works so you can see if it could be your “hair saver” too. So you can either keep reading this post or watch the video below - your preference :)

When hair loss occurs, the substance, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes hair follicles to shorten their active phase and hairs go from thick and vibrant to fragile and lifeless. Despite their dull, lifeless appearance most of these hairs are actually alive and still receiving a steady supply of blood. But as the anagen cycle shortens, more hairs fall out and eventually die. Over time all the hair follicles become too fragile to survive and then total hair loss can occur - but of course we don’t want this to happen so what do we do?

We need to awaken these sleeping hair follicles and Emu oil alone has the ability to wake up a massive 80% of these Sleeping Hair Follicles.

A study from Boston University School of Medicine concludes some amazing groundbreaking news into emu oil’s ability to revive hair follicles. The study found that using emu oil to treat skin resulted in 20% increase in hair growth. But the most fascinating finding was that emu oil awakened 80% of hair follicles that had been asleep, which resulted in the hair follicles to start growing again!

Research suggests that emu oil can stimulate hair growth because of its abundance of essential fatty acids and their ability to penetrate deep in the skin. *That deep penetration is called Trans-Dermal, and it is one of the major reasons that emu oil is so powerful.

Emu oil is the best oil for hair growth that I’ve come across and it's so easy to use whether you are looking to stimulate hair growth, give your hair an extra conditioning boost or tame away those annoying flyaways - you’ve got to give this all natural oil for hair a try.

I’ve put some instructions below on each way it can be used so you can experience the magic yourself!

Deep conditioning and follicle stimulating leave-in treatment:

  1. Pump a small amount into your palm.
  2. Massage the emu oil into your entire scalp.
  3. Use a brush or comb to spread oil evenly to ends of hair (apply more oil as needed to get good even coverage to the ends).
  4. Use a plastic wrap or towel to cover hair
  5. Leave the treatment in for a minimum 30 minutes all the way up to overnight (wear a shower cap if you do plan to leave in the oil overnight).
  6. Wash oil out (I recommend using emu oil shampoo No 004 and conditioner No 005) for best results.
  7. You will have to wash your hair approximately 3 times to remove all of the oil.

**Aim to do at least one leave-in treatment per week. If you can not do a full coverage treatment, just massage a bit of the oil into your scalp before heading to bed.

Extra conditioning in the shower:

  1. Simply just add a few drops of emu oil into your conditioner before you apply it and leave on for 5 minutes then rinse as usual.

For hair smoothing and taming fly-aways:

  1. Rub a few drops together in your fingertips (make sure your hair is dry) and apply to frizzy hair and ends as your smoothing serum. (This is my favorite way to use emu oil since my hair goes wild in the hot humid summer months but thanks to emu oil’s smoothing effects I no longer have to worry about them…..GOODBYE frizzy hairs!)

You’ve got to feel the amazing effects from using emu oil hair products for yourself, you can purchase emu hair products by clicking the following links: emu oil, emu oil shampoo and emu oil conditioner.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via phone 1-800-EMU-8449, or email us at

Cheers to soft, shiny, vibrant, healthy hair!