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Nº 003 Emu Oil Supplement


Product Description

Supplemental Super Food.

Extra large 1000mg. capsules.

To support heart and vascular health.

We all want to be the healthiest that we can. Following strict diets and exercising will definitely make us healthier, but both take lots of hard work, and some of us just can’t fit that into our schedules every day. Are you dealing with arthritis and other pains? Dry skin and inflammed joints? Are you ready for something super simple that can also give you a HUGE boost in health? Then read on and learn why you need No 003 Emu Oil Supplements in your daily regimen.

100% natural, pure emu oil for optimal cell nutrition. Balanced source of fatty acids and essential fatty acids linolenic (omega 3), and linoleic (omega 6), Oleic (omega 9) and several other fatty acids that are necessary for the body.

These essential fatty acids are vital to a healthy body and must be obtained by diet. *Essential meaning that the body cannot produce the fatty acids.

What Is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is a natural byproduct made from triple refined emu fat. It has been used for thousands of years in aboriginal medicine for treating humans and animals. Our supplements are created with only 100% pure, certified American emu oil. AEA is the highest standard of emu oil processing.

Dr. Frank Orthoefer suggests AEA look at pilot studies on cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and transdermal. He was already having UMASS work on a cholesterol study for another oil and asked Dr. Bob Nicolosi to run emu oil as one of the other oils. The results were remarkable.

UMass does Studies on the cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory and transdermal effects of emu oil.

Uses For Emu Oil Supplements

After understanding the nature of emu oil used externally, you can surmise all the internal benefits that can be created by boosting the body’s natural system. Studies are ongoing, with cholesterol control leading the forefront.

Product Ingredient Highlights

  • Boost the immune system. It has been suggested that pure emu oil supplements can naturally boost the immunity of the host.
  • Stimulate circulation.
  • Keep blood platelets flowing.
  • Help other vitamins absorb internally.
  • Relieve muscle tension.
  • Lower bad cholesterol.
  • Raise beneficial cholesterol levels.

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the majority of individuals can reduce their cholesterol levels 15-20% by reducing dietary intake of foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Healthy Body Dietary Caps which contain Omega-3 polyunsaturated oils and Omega-6 monounsaturated oils, are great addition to your  diet have demonstrated the ability to lower LDL "bad cholesterol".

You should inform your physician that you are taking Emu Oil Dietary Supplements. Omega-3 may increase bleeding time and should be noted if you are on aspirin therapy or other anticoagulant on a regular basis.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.


Take 2 gelcaps daily.


Pure AEA Emu Oil. Trace vitamin E.

American Emu Oil manufactured in the USA. 

60 count.




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